Private Jet Categories

Private jet categories

Here we list some popular aircraft categories that you can book through us. Of course, it is also possible to book  other aircraft categories that we do not list here, all you have too do is contact us.

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Stockholm – Prag / Piston

The smallest flight category with a very small cabin (like a car) but suitable for smaller distances within Europe to get from A to B. No flight attendant, kitchen or toilet on board.

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Stockholm – Prag  / Turbo Prop

A little more spacious and faster than the Piston. This flight is suitable for those who want to travel cost-effectively from A to B. Without a flight attendant kitchen and toilet.

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Stockholm – Prag / Very Light Jet

The advantage of these smaller flights is that they are cheaper to fly than other jets and they can land on shorter runways. For travelers, this means more destination options. No flight attendant, kitchen or toilet on board.

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Stockholm – Prag / Light Jet

This aircraft category is very popular among business travelers and has a longer flight distance for travel up to 3 hours. Can reach smaller airports, giving greater flexibility and freedom. There is usually no room for a flight attendant, but unlike VLJs, there is usually a toilet on board.

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Stockholm – Prag i / Super Light Jet

With a larger cabin, longer reach and more luggage space, there is room for 8 passengers more comfortably. Small enough to land at smaller airports.

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Stockholm – Prag / Midsize Jet

These flights are perfect for travelers who want a larger cabin with full standing height, extra luggage space and they can fly slightly longer distances. These flights usually have a toilet, flight attendant and a service kitchen on board with the option of serving hot catering.

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Stockholm – Prag / Super Midsize Jet

With a longer flight range, higher speed and larger cabin, this is a step above the usual medium-sized jets. They have plenty of standing and walking space. Improved avionics enable a quieter flight, which provides a higher level of comfort.

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Stockholm – Prag / Heavy Jet

First-class seats and pull-out tables are just some of the upgrades these jets offer elite travelers. It offers high comfort and exclusivity. Enough space for entertainment, bathrooms and separate sleeping areas.

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Stockholm – Prag / Ultra Long Range Heavy Jet

This is the highest class option and probably the right choice if you are going to travel to Asia or the US without fuel-stop. This jets offers the best in private aviation with a generous cabin for food, work, entertainment and relaxation.

100% more comfortable than commercial flights.

A private jet flight for a business trip is completely tailor-made. You can customize your flight as much as you want.

Fly private jet to any holiday destination.

When the flexibility of travel is your top priority.

You will receive a price quote after you have submitted your booking request.

Benefits of flying private

The plane completely for yourself
Choose your own destination

Do you have any questions?

Write to our aviation department:

Private jet to all destinations around the world

Decide your own departure and destination.

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