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For you who wishes to invite your friends or rela­tives who need visas in order to travel to Sweden

Anyone traveling from a country outside the EU may neen a visa to visit Sweden. You can then download an invitation letter Sweden. The document is provided in the English and Swedish languages.

Visas are permits to enter and stay in a country for a short period of time. If you are going to invite a friend och realtive friend who needs a visa, fill out an invitation letter, and then send the invitation letter to the person who will be visiting you. He or she must submit the invitation letter form together with the application for a visa to a Swedish embassy or consulate general.

Invi­ta­tion letter is required – invitation letter Sweden

The person you want to invite to Sweden must have an invitation letter from you. The Migration Board in Sweden has a special form, Invitation to the application for Schengen visa, number 240011, also called: Invitation letter Sweden. You must fill in the invitation letter and send it to the person you want to invite to Sweden. If you are going to invite more than one person, fill out a invitation letter for each and one person you invite.

If the person you want to invite wants to visit you for longer than 90 days, fill in another the invitation letter for visits longer than 90 days.

The invitation letter is provided by The Migration Board in Sweden and can be downloaded free of charge in the upper bar.

Consent letter for children traveling abroad

The consent letter for children travelling abroad applies to minors who are traveling abroad and can be presented to authorities, passport control and airlines who want to verify that the parent (s) has approved the trip.

You can order a parental consent letter showing the other parent / guardian’s consent to the trip and / or showing both parents / guardians’ consent to the trip.

The parental consent letter for children traveling abroad applies to children traveling with a parent, children traveling alone, and if the child is traveling with someone other than his / her parent (s).

Controlling a child’s itinerary may involve asking additional questions or taking other measures to ensure that the child is protected and allowed to travel in the manner specified.



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