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When you want to fly yourself, with your family, friends or colleagues where you want, when you want – then a private jet is the most efficient of all means of transport. If you travel often for work or if your company travels in a small group, there are several solutions so that you or you land close to your destination with extra comfort.

Click here to book a private jet and charter aircraft with Utrikesgruppen which has access to over 30,000 aircraft worldwide. Utrikesgruppen is trusted by the most respected authorities, corporations, travel agencies and individuals all around Europe.

When you travel by private jet, the flexibility is something that gives you enormous freedom. Forget the airline network or timetables that make you have to rush for a check-in. Now you can instead follow your own watch. You can land where you want and when you want. You decide.

There is always a crew and an aircraft ready for your needs so that you feel comfortable. No one will disturb you – it’s luxurious and very pleasant when you get to choose your fellow passengers. You don’t have to worry about long queues at check-in or excess luggage.

Special services

Chartering your own aircraft is not only a special experience, it is often also a good alternative to save time – time is money. When you book a private jet through an aircraft rental company, you will always come into contact with people who will do everything for your comfort and offer you the absolute best service you can get.

When you travel by private jet, everything will be adapted to your wishes. You decide your travel times, destinations, meals, comfort level and to some extent even price level to be adapted to you. Better traveling does not exist in the world.

How to find a private jet trip

Many private jet companies work much like brokers and have pilots for the planes that are ready to be chartered. It is important to utilize their knowledge of where an aircraft is currently parked in order for you to receive maximum service.

It is best to use a company that specializes in renting private planes. When you call a company, be sure to ask them about all the available planes that are in your area, even if you normally use one airport, there are always planes at the smaller airports.

Let the professionals help you

If you are traveling abroad, you can book a private plane with Utrikesgruppen. You get a price proposal quickly and easily. Go to the link and choose your trip today!

Link to booking request for private jet here:

Utrikesgruppen is a Swedish and Europe based company that has access to over 30,000 aircraft worldwide.

Popular destinations with private jet from the UK

  1. London
  2. Glasgow
  3. Belfast
  4. Farnborough
  5. Luton

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